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my comp is still dead...will have to wait til i go to aus only send it to doctor...i cant live without my comp since my tv got fried and still not fix yet

recently, i went play pool with my friend again, the first 2 rounds i played better than her and at the last 2 rounds she kicked my ass easily. i dunno why when i aimed i cant play well and when i dont aim i get points easier^^"

anyway, not using my comp so better stop blabbing...

just made my band ranking by the way, just the top 3:
3. D'ESPAIRSRAY (least i can say for now)

p.s: i'm getting gazette new dvd, hope to watch it before i go aus

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you're going to aussie?! what for?

vacation with my family^^
i'm leaving this sat and back next sun^^

p.s. i'm gonna miss my kyokyo very very much XD

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