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finally i received my copy of girugamesh new release Volcano...its really worth waiting for a week for it!

i like the PV very very much...its simple and thats kinda like the whole point^^ and that song doesnt sound like its composed by Ryo at all, at first i thought it was by Nii...then when i saw the credits above the lyric...i was shocked...Satoshi vocal sounds quite different from all the previous release as well...very impressive and i just downloaded the rip, i need it for my ipod...and lyrics wised, Satoshi wrote something quite different as well...unlike the usual war songs or anti social stuffs (lolz)

next will be i'll be buying the new d'espairsRay album as well...which will be out next month...few days before my birthday^^ i really like their latest single -- Squall...i like it when they have slower song in their single...now that i realized i have problems with bands who dont have a slow song in their release...slow song is when i can judge on the vocalist...of course fast song goes with every mood in my life but slow song always give me a very sentimental feeling...as if i'm drowning into somewhere else again

i'd been spending alot of time online to search for new music, i guess i have never thought of listening to more music = spending more money. for example now i'm listening to MUCC - Libra single...and i really like it especially the verse part and the music is great too...so next thing in my mind is i think i'm gonna buy the album. then here goes all my money...and so my friend told me that too^^"

me : i'm listening to alot of music lately
YJ  : so?
me : few of them are very nice^^
YJ  : i still dont care -_-
me : i think i'm buying their album^^
YJ  : -_-
me : *counting money* wait...wait...i guess i really spend all my money and time on music...am i?
YJ  : -_-" slow.......