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quick update!!
just another quick update...

i've just re-united all 3 accounts that i have under myself...
there are few reason why i decided to close the other 2 accounts of mine...

1. i found a way to manage all my communities
2. i think its quite stupid to seperate up everything since its just me, as an individual, so one person one soul^^
3. its easier for me to check all my friends' journals
4. somehow someone in my family is reading my journal strangeppland i do not appreciate being spy and then being discuss as well, is my freedom to do what i wanna do 

thats all for noe^^

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It's so gross that family members find online journals. >.< I don't know where the word 'privacy' has gone to.

should i be thank god that i didnt post up anything about my smoking habit there? i really dunno...

Lol, I swear, I'm so careful about what I say on LJ nowadays, cause I never know who's going to get LJ the next second. >.>;;;

i guess i'm gonna lock up all the censored topic, just in case if i'm so bad luck again^^

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